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Thread: Brown Algae

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    Brown Algae

    So every time I start to notice that my aquarium has some green algae, a lot of brown algae starts to grow on various parts of my tank like the hang on the back intake and outtake and the heater. Is there a way to prevent this or something? I do a 25-45% water change twice a week because I have over stock on Guppies, Ghost Shrimps, and Siamese Algae Eatters.Click here to enlarge

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    Diatoms feed on silicates thus fresh water changes if you have water high in silicates (like mine) actually exasperates the problem, sadly if they don't die off and fall into bearable levels within a month after the tank is fully cycled, you might need to invest in an RO system, filter your water and then re-mineralize it before adding it to the tank or get your water from another source... They are hamless beyond their ugly looks, you can try reducing the light cycles as well to lower their impact or manually remove them...

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