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Thread: My first aquarium

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    My first aquarium

    Hi there.
    I'm excited to build my first custom acrylic aquarium (actually, it will be a paludarium). I want something big enough to hold a small turtle and maybe a few fish.
    I've come up with what I think is a decent plan (images attached).
    I'm thinking 24" x 12" x 12", with an enclosure for soil 8" x 16".
    Based on the acrylic thickness calculator, I should be fine with 1/8" acrylic, especially if I brace it.
    If I need a brace, I'm not sure to go with a metal band around the top and bottom (pictured), or a top acrylic piece with holes for access.
    I would appreciate any advice for a first-timer, especially about how to plumb/filter it.


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    Hi and welcome....Click here to enlarge

    Unusual design but, interesting....Click here to enlarge

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