Happy New Year Everybody!

This post is a quick introduction to say hello and for me to get familiar with how this message board works. I'm still learning [IMG]file:///C:/Users/cgebo/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG]

So, about me... I have been in the hobby since I was a kid (well, off and on). I remember buying my first aquarium with the money I earned from working a newspaper route. Of course, that led to the purchase of another 10-gallon aquarium and from there I was off!!!

When I got my first apartment, I expanded to set up two 55-gallon aquariums in the front room. It actually looked really good with the large entertainment system in the middle and each aquarium was off to the left and right side of it. I recently came across an old picture of that setup and it really did look nice for a 90's bachelor pad, LOL.

I did get out of the hobby for a while when I got busy with college and work and moving around, but ultimately, I am right back in.

Now I am older, live in a home with basement which gives me more room for the hobby. And what is cool too is that my wife and kids are also into the hobby and we enjoy spending our time together visiting aquariums, shopping for fish, building the stands and setting up the tanks.

Currently, we have a 40, 75, 90- and 150-gallon aquarium that are in various stages of set up.

For fun, we even started a YouTube channel about our hobby (because my kids love YouTube; I do too) and to showcase the fun stuff we do in the hobby. If you feel like checking us out, we named our channel "Gebo's Garage". We have a few videos up now, and we are working on more!!!

We are glad to be back in the hobby!