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Thread: Lighting Help for 75g Planted Tank

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    Lightbulb Lighting Help for 75g Planted Tank

    Hello Fellow Fishkeepers,
    I am looking at different lighting for my 75 gal tank. If you've been following me I am at the beginning steps of cleaning and setting up a 75 gal tank.
    At this moment Im newer with planted tanks so im looking at creating a planted tank that can handle low to moderate lighting, due to not being quite ready to do CO2 exchange, plus saving money. So I have been doing research with Aqueon, Marineland, and Finnex lighting for fish tanks. Seems like Finnex is a gr8 brand, but maybe too fancy. But I wanted to get your guys' opinion first. If I am using plants that need around low to moderate lighting which brand would be best? Also I am trying to save money where I can so let me know if that means I need 2 lighting setups or 1 will suffice? Im aiming for 1 and something with moderate lighting to keep algae down. Any tips, tricks, and advice would be great. Feel free to share your experience.

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    If you want to do it on the cheap as you explore other options, get 1 or 2 twin tube 4 foot shop light fixtures at Walmart and some 6500K 'cool white' tubes, it won't look pretty but it will work... Alternately you can alternate the tubes in each fixture 2700k (warm white) and 6500k (cool white)... The 2700k or preferably 3000k if you can find it will support 'flowering' stages if you put plants in that have flowers, 6500K is ideal for overall plant growth and root development... Also sometimes if you notice you are getting 'tall and skiny' plants when you would like them to 'bush out' adding the 2700k - 3000k mix to the 6500k can help with that...

    You can adjust the light intensity by raising or lowering the light, study and understand the inverse square law, since a 75 gallon tank is about 21" deep, the most light will be acheived when mounted at about 22" from the bottom of the tank or just above the water surface, by using the inverse square law, if you raise that light to 44" above the bottom of the tank (or 22" above the surface of the water) the intensity will about 25% of what it was mounted at 22" since you doubled the overall height, and so on, inches make big differences in light intensity when growing plants...

    1 fixture will give you low to moderate light, 2 fixtures will give you moderate to high light... Total cost with the fixture and bulbs should be about $20 a fixture, about $40 for two fixtures...

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    For my 55 I bought 2 lights item number B073J98R8Z off of Amazon and I attached them to the ceiling above using steel cable. My plants go wild under this light. Was thinking of upgrading my 120 as well.

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