Hello everyone,

I had a quick question about adhering polycarbonate to polycarbonate and polycarbonate to acrylic. Currently, I have a mixture of the materials and need them to be joined together. I'm building a 30 in. long by 29 in. wide by 11 in. tall fish tank like structure.

The walls are a mixture of 3/8 in. acrylic and 3/8 in. polycarbonate while the floor is made from 3/8 in. polycarbonate. 1/4 in. in from the polycarbonate walls are 3/8 in. wide by 1/8 in. deep dados that run the height of the walls and all of the wall pieces have a dado the same dimensions as before but runs through the length of the wall.

Currently, I'm using Weld-On 40 which should work for the acrylic to polycarbonate but I have no idea what adhesive to use for polycarbonate to polycarbonate. This thing needs to be built very heavy duty and withstand as much shear stress as possible.

Thanks so much for any help and/or advice. Click here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlarge

Here's a dry fit of the structure itself, my bad if the picture doesn't show up.
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