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  1. 55 Gallon complete rehaul + Pressurized CO2.
  2. Plant ID
  3. 70 Gal Discus/Planted
  4. Inspired 27 gal trophy tank rescape..
  5. first planted tank (carrie inspired me)
  6. Non Aquatic Plants
  7. How To Attach Anubius to driftwood.
  8. Trimming?
  9. Welcome to the Plants & Planted Aquariums section!
  10. DIY Plywood 1200Gallon - Led lights on Ebay? 30W 6500Kelvin
  11. nitrate levels and plant health
  12. Plant Guide
  13. More questions
  14. Aquarium Plant FAQ - For Newbies .. With Pictures!!!!
  15. Sadface fishy.
  16. Aquarium, CO2, Lights Need some help New at this
  18. Live plant in a DIY styrofoam background?
  19. So Many Questions
  20. New video a la plants.
  21. Advice on Planted Nano
  22. Using Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  23. 70 gallon semi planted low tech planted
  24. 15 gal planted tank
  25. how long until java moss attaches itself?
  26. 5.5 Nano finally stocked...somewhat
  27. Dirt for fish tank from outside?
  28. Play Sand?
  29. plant question for a newbie
  30. conflicting signs
  31. New plant put in tank is rediculous
  32. Newly planted tank (pic heavy hopefully)
  33. I got these today
  34. Any suggestions?
  35. Madagascar lace plant HELP !!!!
  36. Where to buy plants online??
  37. Could use advise please...
  38. Help with my Ancharis!
  39. thoughts on duckweed
  40. roots into the aquarium.
  41. Fluval Spec 5 Gallon Tank Review
  42. Sword Diagnosis
  43. native plants
  44. Amazon frogbit in wet dry only
  45. very usefull planted tank link (aquagreen)
  46. Lucky Bamboo
  47. how do you guys keep your plants in place?
  48. plant dilemma
  49. grow tank
  50. plant fertilizer
  51. My110gal Setup, need suggestions
  52. Filter or No Filter
  53. Live plants?
  54. hydro/plants that are bad for fish
  55. Thegreenmachineonline.com
  56. Pretty excited!
  57. dwarf hairgrass
  58. Project: Algae Growth
  59. Anubias Nana...Iron deficient?
  60. First planted tank
  61. LFS plants & how to use them.
  62. how long for java fern and anubis to attach
  63. New from OC and NEW at Aquariums
  64. Aquaponics
  65. dirt tank
  66. Anubias Nana Update
  67. regular plants in aquariums
  68. New plants & DIY Co2
  69. Every LED type Do the same job ???
  70. Marineland led
  71. planting onions
  72. Cheap and easy CO2
  73. Basics of planted aquarium
  74. how to treat new plants
  75. plant identification please
  76. Bare Bottom Tanks?
  77. Does Salvinia minima add oxygen to your aquarium at all
  78. First Planted Tank
  79. Humble Beginnings
  80. plants and plecos
  81. Root tabs, sand and more noob questions.
  82. Anyone have experience with Aquaponics?
  83. Budget **Low Tech** Plant Build
  84. Beginer Plants for the 125 Gallon
  85. Missing Duck weed
  86. i keep diving into new stuff
  87. Wifes 20g long
  88. plant info
  89. my dry start method planted discus tank log
  90. Plants and oscars ??? and CFL ?
  91. Plants from Petco and Petsmart
  92. looking to learn
  93. algae control products
  94. Trim anibus?
  95. dry star method questions
  96. liquid plant food??
  97. picked up a corkscrew val and narrow leaf chain sword today
  98. is there a underwater "grass" covering type plant?
  99. How two months makes a difference.
  100. literally just watched the XL blue crawdad bundle about 10lbs of plants
  101. yayyy i finally found some baby tears <333333333333
  102. What the best plant substrate?
  103. Co2 questions
  104. double duty substrate
  105. Regulator issue
  106. Plant suggestions?
  107. New 10 gallon planted tank
  108. Journal of my first attempt at a planted tank
  109. 135G Attempt at a planted tank (photo journal)
  110. Plant recommendations for a 55 gallon and for a Fresh water Refugium
  111. first planted tank
  112. Is it common for anacharis plant to break apart?
  113. co2 reactor and difusion chamber
  114. my first planted attempt
  115. Update on 10 gallon planted tank
  116. Lighting talk, LED vs. Fluorescent
  117. my dirt tank sucess
  118. My 55 gal Dirt Planted Tank
  119. Planted hex tank/Flowerhorn domain.
  120. New Fluval Flora
  121. I want to start a plant project using an old bookcase, help me get creative!
  122. Recommended Plants for diggers?
  123. dollar per gallon sale.. picked up a 20g long finally! Plant progress(pics)
  124. what is the best way to seperate anubias
  125. Has any one use Metricide 14-Day
  126. What plants are these? and What else do I need to keep them alive?
  127. Jungle Val, melt?
  128. Ph and plants
  129. i couldnt take it any more
  130. Anachris
  131. New to aquatic plants Please Help
  132. Planted tank and under gravel filter
  133. I got a new tank!
  134. Updated pics of my planted 45
  135. Planted 29g, looking for opinions.
  136. diy co2 atomizer
  137. Floating plants ?
  138. DIY filter on a planted tank
  139. Dank dirt
  140. wilting plants
  141. Pothos in the HOB filter doing good :-)
  142. Lighting
  143. Cheap and easy to find plants?
  144. Filter plants?
  145. Diffusing CO2 with a canister filter?
  146. Hornwort. I've Created a Monster!!!
  147. turtle pond plants
  148. I ordered LED lighting for my 55 gallon cube planted tank.
  149. Planted Nano Tank
  150. Capping Eco-Complete with sand?
  151. shell in plant root
  152. Are there any of you who know this CO2 system?
  153. Question about T-5 bulbs.
  154. The Green Machine making of Tributary
  155. Bamboo
  156. planted glass jar in aquarium
  157. Has anyone made MTS?
  158. forground plant ph 8.5
  159. whos got a link or copy of this graph
  160. OUTDOOR aquarium
  161. stirring the pot
  162. plants in sump
  163. Half Gravel, Half Sand?
  164. Wild Aquarium
  165. Is There A Proper Way To Trim Decay Off Of Pothos Leafs?
  166. Trimming plants?
  167. help lower ph
  168. diy root tab experiment
  169. dry start method and Mycobacteriosis articles from the Godmother of dirt
  170. is this water wisteria
  171. Can wisteria be grown using a fluorescent bulb
  172. Easy life (algexit) review test
  173. Protein Skimer???
  174. Planted Tank Setup Questions
  175. Indentify these plants please
  176. Elodea (waterweed) in brackish water?
  177. Marimo Moss ball?
  178. News to plants. I need help with selection.
  179. new to the hobby
  180. any tips on clay pot and plants
  181. need help picking a plant
  182. Wisteria info needed please!
  183. Diy Outdoor Planted Dirt farm tank
  184. Need Help setting up a 15gal tank with Live plants
  185. new to planted tank???
  186. Lighting for a standard 20 gallon.
  187. Give me your input
  188. inkbull's dirt masterpiece 120gal display
  189. The Dirty 20L
  190. Water conditioner for aquaponics?
  191. Bokashi soil for my planted tank???
  192. 40 gal planted set up, specific questions
  193. Add iron to substrate
  194. Substrate in refugium or not? I'm torn
  195. Hellpoolhall's 100 gallon high tech setup :)
  196. 55G tank with a 4x54w t5HO lamp
  197. Directed at ink bull but everyone's opinion is welcomed
  198. 20g lighting question. hc carpet. please help me
  199. How do i get rid of this?
  200. Massive Algae bloom!!!
  201. Water flow question.
  202. Water hyacinth
  203. Plants!
  204. What is this?
  205. got my first pot of dwarf baby tears, help?
  206. fluval plant stratum reviews
  207. New Dirted Tank Questions
  208. Carrie's planted Tanks (because you asked!)
  209. My 120 planted tank
  210. Would this work?
  211. black algae
  212. Carbonator
  213. Couple of newbie questions on plants
  214. Water Sprite?
  215. beat algae with water hardness
  216. James Findley new setup
  217. aponogeton boivinianus and aponogeton ulvaceus
  218. Pothos Plant not growing....:((
  219. DIY Liquid fertilizer?
  220. Aquaponics
  221. diy fertilizer?
  222. 120 gal low tech frustration need help
  223. 12x12x18 planted nano tank without co2?
  224. can anyone recommend an affordable co2 regulator?
  225. Post your pothos and/or other HOB plants
  226. crypt wendtii and lobelia
  227. Presurized Paintball CO2 DIY
  228. firsy planted aquarium-10 gallon
  229. Dry-start method of growing HC in my Zen scape
  230. 5 gallon dirt tank w/co2
  231. Aquacultured moss tank
  232. Awesome dirt tips from the dirt godess herself
  233. a little diyfishkeepers collaboration dirt mix
  234. Moss
  235. not enough surface diisturbance?
  236. My combined general projects thread...
  237. Algae Scrubber
  238. So i finaly got a test kit and...
  239. Emersed Aqaponogeton natans
  240. first dirt tank! now i feel dirty
  241. Help with plants...
  242. Any helpful advice appreciated
  243. BBA Battle
  244. The new tank.
  245. PLanted tank filter.
  246. Whats a good plant for....
  247. STL help me.
  248. What to do about BBA?
  249. So... i have some questions.
  250. Grow box... and randomness.