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  1. I love Malawis!
  2. Synodontis Petricola
  3. Melanochromis Johanni fry
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  13. HYBRIDS in the hobby - What's your opinion?
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  15. She spit out a premature baby
  16. anyone know what these africans are called..
  17. sunburst peacock
  18. ***PICTURES***
  19. My New Africans
  20. Any ideas as to what type peaqcock this is?
  21. Red zebra fat and not happy
  22. Anyone ever have a Venustus?
  23. Can johanni and yellow labs mix?
  24. Cichlid stocking list
  25. First Fry!
  26. PH Wont Change
  27. Here have some pictures
  28. Yellow Lab Weird Behavior
  29. Salt for Malawi?
  30. Mixed lakes?
  31. Looking for new fish
  32. Please help my identify my peacocks
  33. fish are already mating!
  34. Homemade Fish Food for Africans
  35. Good batch of fish?
  36. Something strange on my metriaclima OB
  37. Pic Heavy
  38. urgent help, yellow lab.
  39. whats better, diy sump with overflow or canistor filter?
  40. my cichlid babies
  41. Anyone have experience with Maingano fry?
  42. 20 gal lomg stocking?
  43. i need some info
  44. Getting a tank with 14 African Ciclids
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  48. Photogenic Lil Africans
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  51. Just saw the biggest red zebra I've ever seen!
  52. When will they color out?
  53. Mix of Arfricans...
  54. African Chilids
  55. New African Cichlid's
  56. Cichlids eating all algea eaters...help
  57. how to breed haps
  58. help me stock my new 200 gallon cichlid tank
  59. What are these other than African Cichlids
  60. My Juvenile Jewels about to breed.
  61. Stripping eggs & Egg tumbling
  62. 65 Gallon African Tank
  63. New Fish
  64. 50g Lemon Jake cichlid tank
  65. My Fluval Osaka260 (65G) African Chiclid tank
  66. Pundamilia nyererei makobe island the victorian cichlid
  67. Lake Tanganyika Buffer - How to make soft water, hard.
  68. bumblebee out of no where
  69. Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza: the most beautiful Cyps!
  70. Flowerhorn
  71. my 75g African tank has a stand now.
  72. just started my first african cichlid tank
  73. The problem I've found with keeping mbuna and peacocks (aulonocara) together
  74. African Light VS Dark Tank
  75. My Frontosa's Feeding on Brine Shrimp
  76. New Group Creation
  77. Is it me?
  78. need legitamite reason to not do this.
  79. REALLY!? That many?
  80. started 55 gallons
  81. my 29g baby/juvie african tank is doing awesome(update finally!)
  82. finally got some pics of my africans!
  83. African holding
  84. Help with my Cichlids
  85. Email I got from the owner/breeder of livefishdirect.com about African cichlids
  86. woohoo got some new fish!
  87. Anubias Plant takes a lickin and keeps on tickin
  88. Aulonocara Benga yellows still trying
  89. Please help my fish is jerking.
  90. Bumblebee tried to eat my hand!
  91. a little help with choosing some fish
  92. My Yellow Lab Has Turned White
  93. What to do with my huge accidental brood of Juvenile Jewels?
  94. Rules to follow? first cichlid tank
  95. new fish
  96. Mutant Planet
  97. Purchase Africans - CT area or NE
  98. tank switch
  99. My 55g tank
  101. My fishes had babies!
  102. 109G Stocking Questions.
  103. X Breeding. Opnions?
  104. Top 5 Fish Websites
  105. Cichlids and Discuss
  106. Was a sad day yesterday
  107. Lake Victoria suppliers
  108. Tank mates ?
  109. Just got my tank all setup.
  110. need to lose some fish!
  111. yellow lab tank mates (less-agressive africans)
  112. Hand feeding my Aulonocara Baenschi juvies :)
  113. Day 5 of egg tumbling video
  114. they did it again!
  115. starting a 75g African tank
  116. first africans
  117. AC mbunas spitting fry in bucket/safe place?
  118. Cichlid Talk Radio
  119. Cichlid aggression rescue
  120. 240 mbuna tank
  121. gh water question
  122. decisions-decisions
  123. will these fish work ?
  124. Does anyone breed or have cichlids for sale
  125. Pseudo Kenyi Cichlids
  126. Wonders of Lake Malawi
  127. Selection for a new African cichlid tank (i did my googling already)
  128. Noob fish feeding question
  129. My male OB not so happy with me lol
  130. Malawi Trout (champsochromis caeruleus) questions
  131. stocking list of africans for 210 gallon tank and 40 gallon sump
  132. Fish Identification
  133. Does anyone know a website that you can bulk buy african cichlid foods
  134. Haha! Did my good deed for the year!
  135. Protomelas similis & A. fire fish questions
  136. Brichardi with Tropheus?
  137. Peacocks and Mbuna together?
  138. Changing of the guard.
  139. Color enhancement for young cichlids?
  140. 120G African Cichlid tank is up and running.
  141. Can anyone ID these?
  142. Planted tank
  143. What can I stock in my new tank setup
  144. Water change, question
  145. African Cichlids Water Temp
  146. Sick African Cichlid
  147. Considering Tropheus