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  2. gold fish issues
  3. Oscar issues
  4. sick cichlid
  5. Nox itch and frt's
  6. what is this?
  7. Gill Flukes in my Discus
  8. Help! Cichlids dying
  9. HELP!
  10. help guys...
  11. picts catfish lost its whiskers
  12. Ugh.. I'm a bad fish mom :(
  13. Fish (disease?) ID...
  14. WORMS??????
  15. Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus
  16. Bloated oscar
  17. ick sucks....
  18. Neon Tetra with bubble on its eye...
  19. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. HELP PLEASE Clownfish Problem
  21. How do you treat beaten up fish?
  22. Discus with Intestinal Worms Please Help
  23. tiny bugs
  24. Yellow Lab with strange markings on his tail
  25. Peppered Cory Problem
  26. starving plecos
  27. Possibl HITH?
  28. oscars help!!!
  29. Euthanize A Discus OR Treat/UP-SET
  30. Blue tang ich need advice
  31. Discus Health Issue?? Spots on skin, Help!
  32. Tetras with ich
  33. Help Please.... Mollies sitting on bottom of tank
  34. parrot fish with black area
  35. Marine Ich?
  36. Betta Bruce Bloat
  37. need some help with my fish
  38. Yellow tang bloated with red spots
  39. red tinge on pleco's fins
  40. Too much ammonia in my tank.
  41. Molly fry dropping like flies please help.
  42. i have a female molly with funny looking lip
  43. Discus Diseases, Symptoms and Treatments
  44. cichlid tail problem
  45. Extremely confused... any help welcomed!!
  46. RIP Damsel.
  47. Do some of my fish have ich?
  48. Some kind of worms???
  49. Red spots on gold fish
  50. Diseased fish?
  51. One of my angels has died.
  52. WTF!!!! help
  53. Disease meds
  54. a few questions about Oscars
  55. Do I need to cut off my fishes tail?
  56. Please help with diagnosis
  57. bn pleco
  58. Diffrence in my Discus This Morning Possibly Getting Sick..
  59. Any Fire Eel experts ? Possible sick eel
  60. Help Please !
  61. carp fish
  62. Plz help
  63. My Blackmoor is changing colour and swimming upside down
  64. White lump on ranchu's wem
  65. Big problem with Columnaris and fish scratching
  66. Should I rescue These Discus? Please Comment.
  67. white spot
  68. HELP.
  69. Troubles with Nitrates
  70. Water color turned yellow...
  71. Ich help
  72. my oscarzzz unusual behavior
  73. Malawi Bloat
  74. White Hair Fungus
  75. Very BAD day need help with Oscar
  76. Angelfish have red blood streaks around the mouth
  77. arowana trouble
  78. VERY pregnant guppy and can't push out fry
  79. jag going through a heal up
  80. Cryptobia Disease is Deadly to Discus/Caution When Purch....
  81. Molly shaking (almost seizure like) racing around the tank
  82. Anyone know what a white circle means on fish's body?
  83. Tiger barbs mouth is funny
  84. Do Red Tail Catfish Shed Their Skin?
  85. help!
  86. Gubby gills are flared out and swollen
  87. One Of My Golden Sunrise Discus Just Passed Away
  88. Water Disaster
  89. 27 gallon max number of fishes
  90. Discus With A Short Operculum/ Caused by & Effects/Diet/Meds/Bacteria
  91. RTC swallowed big suction cup
  92. Sick Discus, Euthanized Three/Filter Staring to Cycle?
  93. Update to "Water Disaster with Surprise"
  94. Violet Goby mouth sores
  95. Sick AngelFish
  96. Pop eye disease (exophthalmia)
  97. Flowerhorn with what is believed to be Popeye
  98. First time having and treating ich! Please help! Heres all the info on the situatio
  99. Fin Rot
  100. Sore on belly of black neon tetra
  101. Large White Patches On Fins
  102. stressed oscar?
  103. lost 3 barbs today
  104. Cloudy Eye Questions
  105. Possible Skin problem with Green Terrors
  107. funeral arrangements for flipper
  108. Planaria?? Lots of little white worms on the glass
  109. Need Help
  110. green terror torn up back fin
  111. Cheap quarantine option for fresh wild caught fish?
  112. u know that peice of info you read and took with a grain of salt
  113. convicts slowly dieing off
  114. angel fishes
  115. Aquarium Equipment Disenfection Process, PH, Meds For Diseases (Discus) & Others
  116. piranha disease
  117. saltwater fish woes. rapid breathing,slow movement.
  118. Erratic Bala Shark behaviour
  119. My gold severum is head heavy
  120. Lost Red Zebra
  121. My catfish died
  122. Fighting Fish Problems.
  123. cross contamination safeguard procedures
  124. what is your quarantine procedure
  125. Red on gold severums head...what is it!
  126. medicine
  127. Lost my fish and feel stupid
  128. Finally Won vs Ich
  129. Can you help
  130. Some kind of white fungi on my driftwood?
  131. Need help i dont know what this is.
  133. reddish streaks on fish tails (lightning like patterns)
  134. White Eyes of Texas
  135. Biggest mistake of my life? Ich problem.
  136. possible poisoning
  137. ich/brooklynella?
  138. Oscar with possible parasite?!?
  139. sick pleco
  140. Dang my first case of ICK in a very long time (from LFS)
  141. how to get rid of planaria worms
  142. My fish looks pale
  143. Best hand soap for Fish Keepers
  144. Help!!! I think I have a case of Fin Rot!
  145. ICH
  146. somethings killing my dianos
  147. Is this Ick?
  148. This is? What? Not Ick but fin rot or fungus?
  149. Lost 6 guppies in 2 nights >.<
  150. ich cure time
  151. Occasional Flashing
  152. Possible Discus Gill Flukes! Help Please!
  153. Odd look to the Swordtail
  154. Need help asap please!
  155. white spot on head
  156. Weird Serpae Tetra (Hyphessobrycon eques)
  157. help with treating internal parasites
  158. dark spots on red zebra
  159. can any 1 plz help me out asap
  160. Please help
  161. What the heck is going on?
  162. cloudy eyes
  163. dieing peacocks
  164. Pvc Glue in my tank!
  165. Goldfish scratching on sand?
  166. Sunday morning Fish Vet...pic heavy
  167. A Sad Update
  168. Fish not eating
  169. Angel fish is not eating?
  170. fancy goldfish with yellow belly?
  171. Weird question
  172. Possible parasite
  173. Does "staining" ich medication stain acrylic tanks?
  174. Sunken Belly
  175. My Fish Keep Dying
  176. Fish dying fast...need some advice.
  177. Problem with new Oscar
  178. Sucked right through the overflow :(
  179. Tiger oscar turning white?
  180. Help please with hole in head disease.
  181. help please!
  182. Freshwater Angelfish laying on bottom of tank for 2 weeks.
  183. Does salt kill beneficial bacteria
  184. sailfin molly pine cone after death? (warning: dead fish pictures)
  185. Cory fish badder disease!
  186. Ich Out Break..
  187. My Ich Treatment Log.
  188. Sick tank :(
  189. What is happening?!?!?!?!?!?
  190. Is water conditioner is really essential ?
  191. Abrassions possibly getting hit with a fungus now as well
  192. Snail Concern
  193. red on the head of my pleco..
  194. Why I hate snails..
  195. sharks keep dying due to white spots..........help needed
  196. my huge PB discus put off food
  197. My Silver Arowanas
  198. fish laying down bottum of the aquairum not move but just breathing ? plz help
  199. Color of Red Parrot Fish is being changed.Advice needed please,
  200. Tang with pop eye
  201. my lfs fish keep dying
  202. *When asking for help with your fish* PLEASE USE
  203. is this an internal parasite?
  204. Why fishes rubbing their body on the gravel???
  205. ICH treatment log
  206. Sick Molly with CAT nurse!
  207. Guppy fry with bent spine?
  208. Dead dwarf gourami-It was fine this morning.
  209. plz help piranah is sick
  210. fish dieing need help
  211. Spotted barb scratching itself on rock?
  212. pleco pooping white?
  213. Red Finned Albino Bristlenose Pleco?
  214. Treatment for fin root in angel fish?
  215. Lost a Zebra Danio today.
  216. possible columnaris on guppy?
  217. Maybe ich? Here is my plan...
  218. inkbull's secret book everyone should own
  219. What's wrong with my White Cloud?!!
  220. Maybe eggs?
  221. Euthanize? Or not to euthanize?
  222. Angelfish with Ulcer/Sore
  223. One discus has died each 1 - 1 1/2 week. 7 have died in the last 2 months
  224. Rope fish shedding?
  225. Pop-eye help
  226. Please help! I found my Arowana dying!
  227. Sanitizing a tank after Ich.
  228. Hello been awhile since I've been here but I need Help!
  229. Dwarf puffer with a pink bum hole
  230. Sick Rams..help please.
  231. cant seem to find the cause
  232. enlarged guppy bottoms?
  233. Little Help?
  234. Gold Fish Troubles?
  235. Fish ulcer?
  237. Sick Discus
  238. nerite snail issue please advise.
  239. Possible Pleco Problem
  240. white fluffy cory
  241. discus hiding
  242. One of my goldfish's scales are pineconing :(
  243. Catfish Meds
  244. Advice Needed
  245. To Treat or Not to Treat
  246. green terror stopped eating and eyes are swollen
  247. clearly i don't know what i'm doing, fish still dying
  248. I am loosing my fish due to Eye Disease
  249. herbal ich treatment?
  250. will my goldfish survive