Enter your length and width of the aquarium you wish to build in the grey areas below. Also enter "yes" or "no" for if the aquarium will be properly braced or not. Your final thickness required will be highlighted in yellow. Since the thickness suggested is a precise equation, it may or may not coincide with standard acrylic thicknesses. If this is the case, then either round up or round down to the closet thickness. Rounding up insures a higher safety factor and is what I recommend to do. Below is a chart for actual standard sizes. Use this chart when ordering your acrylic. Insure you use Cell Cast acrylic for any aquarium.

 0.236 = 1/4"
 0.354 = 3/8"
 0.472 = 1/2"
 0.591 = 5/8" 
 0.708 = 3/4"
 0.944 = 1"
 1.250 = 1.25"
 1.500 = 1.5" 
 2.000 = 2"

KEEP IN MIND: The calculator is designed for water volume. Not air displacement. So while a tank might be 24" tall, it only really holds 21-22" of actual water. This is yet another thing to consider when inputting your dimensions into the calculator. 
Example: i know when i build a 20" tall tank, it will really only hold 18" of water..... so i enter 18", not 20". 

                                                                                       Enter your desired dimensions in inches

Height of aquarium  
Length of aquarium    
Is the aquarium braced? (answer with yes or no)  
Max PSI allowed for cell cast acrylic   750  
Thickness required